My radio journey

Back in 2010 when I did my diploma we had a tick sheet given to us by the tutors and we simply ticked off certain things we had done. One of those things was ad we ever had a track on the radio, i thought “ha of course not” little did i know by a decade later this would of actually happend a few times.

College radio station

My first ever time on the radio was to promote an audio drama i worked on on my degree back in 2015. I did an interview with one of the student radio presenters and we also had the audio drama play a few times on the show. The audio drama in question was virtually Insane and people could listen to the college radio station via the internet or via the speakers in the corridors. Sadly the first time this was broadcast only a single person tuned in which was me. When it was repeated i found out 7 people had listend, i have no idea who they are but 1 of these people knew a friend of mine and told my friend he found it very inspiring and that he wanted to now make some sort of creative content. One annoying thing about this time on the radio was that I had to wear head phones which i found uncomfortable as someone else had wore them and also I don’t like listening to anything via headphones.

Phoenix Fm

In 2015 I would feature on this local radio station by interview and over the following years having various tracks played on the station. I met presenter of the station Nick Field by accident during one of my last days at my college as he knew one of my tutors. My first time on his show I would talk about Virtually Insane and also have some of my tracks played.

During my 2nd time at the radio station I would dive into a different show but with the same presenter to talk about my Mental health and some of the tracks that helped me with my mental health.

My third time on the show I performed 3 songs with a friend on the show with me on acoustic guitar and her on Vocals. and we both spoke about what we were up to with our own projects.

Being on Phoenix Fm was very pleasant mainly because of how at ease Nick Field can make you feel, hes one of the friendliest people you could meet. Also bonus didn’t have to wear head phones at Phoenix FM.

BBC Essex

In January 2020 I saw that the BBC were looking for content to play on the radio. I submitted a track to the website, the track i submitted was a track I composed for a competition. I received a text telling me that they wanted to play my track and that they wanted me to come in and talk about my track, sadly I wasn’t well enough to attend and a few other personal issues made this not possible but they still played my track anyway. Head to 19:17 to hear the track.

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