Pacific S. Obadiah of Midnight Disease Productions
Producer and Writer
“Tom does good work, and turns it in ahead of deadline without fail! If I’m ever in a bind, Tom is my first go to, not only can I get high quality music on short notice, but Tom is a very diverse musician, and he’s able to craft beautiful scores for a multitude of dramas. Whether the scene is terrifying, suspenseful, humorous, dramatic, or anything else, Tom knows how to craft a complementing score to help highlight the emotions of the scene. If you’re looking for dedication and passion, look no further”
SCP Archives

Danny Mulholland of Trinity Films
Producer, Writer and Director
“Tom is a very fair, professional worker with a lot of talent and an incredible ear. His communication skills throughout the project were exceptional and he was very accommodating with any requests I had. He’ll be a valued member of your team and a great friend to have.”
Doctor Who Red Dawn: “The Reunion

Pete Lutz of Pulp-Pourri Theatre 
Producer, Writer and Voice actor
“Tom Rory Parsons is a genius when it comes to scoring audio dramas. If a producer is trying to evoke a mood in a scene, Tom’s music can amplify it. If the scene is transitioning, Tom’s bridge or sting takes the listener through that transition seamlessly. His compositions carry the story along effortlessly and you’d really miss it if it wasn’t there. If you’re not hiring Tom to write the music for your audio drama, you’re missing out on something special.”

Richard H Brooks 
Writer and Producer
“Tom Parsons, provided composition and thematic music for the UK, 2017, World Audio Drama Day submission Ivory Towers.’ As Co-Producer, I can certainly confirm that Mr Parsons great excelled my expectations. He anticipated the needs of the production, was flexible in responding to feedback quick in making adjustments and certainly delivered more in terms of thematic music than I could have hoped for. Listening back to the production, I continue to feel that Mr Parson’s music greatly added to the character of the piece and to the subsequent praise the story received.

Andrew Creak of On Fleak Productions 
“We hired Tom as a sound designer and editor for our audio drama Servants of Eve, and he worked above and beyond to ensure the end product was to an incredibly high standard.”
Doctor Who: Servants of Eve