• (Audio Verse Awards 2020) Winner for best instrumental composition in a new production SCP Archives Theme by Tom Rory parsons


  • (Audio Verse Awards 2016) Finalist for Best original composition in a long form small cast production for Small Town Horror Theme
    by Tom Rory Parsons Read More

  • (Audio Verse Awards 2017) Finalist for Best Music for a Self-contained, Dramatic, Production for
    The King’s Prerogative Theme by Tom Rory Parsons for The King’s Prerogative. Read More
  • (Audio Verse Awards 2018) Finalist for Best Original Composition for a New Dramatic Production Aftershocks Theme by Tom Rory Parsons for Aftershocks , which is a new, ongoing, short-form, small cast, dramatic production.

  • (Audio Verse Awards 2018) Finalist for Ivory Towers Theme by Tom Rory Parsons for Ivory Towers, which is a self-contained, long-form, large cast, dramatic production.