Tom Rory Parsons is UK composer who is known for a lot of podcast/audio drama work on shows such as Small Town Horror, Organism and Pulp-Pourri Theatre. Tom also possesses skills in editing, sound design and guitar playing.

Genres composed for

Horror, sci-fi, spaghetti western, contemporary classical, electronic, electronic rock,  jazz, ambient, minimalist and African


  • BA HONS in Music Performance and Technology 2012-2015 (2:1)
  • Music Practice Extended Diploma 2010-2012 (Triple Merit)

Other Qualifications

  • Music for the Media Premium Course 2016-2017 (complete)
  • Music Production NOCN 2008 (3 Credits at Level 2)
  • Vocal Skills NOCN 2008 (3 credits at level 2)
  • Live Sound Engineering NOCN 2008 (3 credits at level 2)