The Hidden Truths 2

Listen to The Hidden Truths

Written by Tom Rory Parsons
     You can hear more of Tom’s work in:
     The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Down the Basement, and Gower Hall

Shaun Mendum as Josh

Sarah Golding as Mary
     Sarah also appears in:
     BreathlessMonster’s Game, and The Parsonage

Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis
     Listen to Fiona in:
     Upstairs UpstairsCustoms, and Monster’s Game

Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim
     Catch Karim in:
     Ivory TowersReminisce With Me, and Fidget

Lauren Regan as Jenny

Erika Sanderson as Miss Snell
     Erika also appears in:

Shaun Mendum as Jimmy

Martin Gallagher as Robert

Artwork by Faith McQuinn

Music, Editing an sound design by Tom Rory Parsons

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