An overview of All my 2018 Audio Drama projects

Here I talk through all my audio drama projects i worked on this year and have included links for all the ones which are currently released and ill update the links when any new stuff comes out 🙂
The Raven and Annable Lee

These stories are 2 short poems by Edgar Alan Poe that were read by Mr Pete Lutz who hosted the show Pulp-Pouri Theatre. This project was kind of quick not just because the episode lengths were short but because I scored them very quickly to each story only has one piece of music each they just evolve over the course of the story. 2 Short but very cool things to work on.

Annable Lee

The Raven

All’s Fair

A huge chunk of the year was spent working on All’s Fair which was written by Lewis Blemings-Derrick. Which is a 6 part sci-fi time travel series you can listen to in 2 different orders. For this project not only was I scoring the music but also editing, producing and part of the casting process. The casting process took place 1 month before 2018 and it was extremely difficult as we received around 40-50 audition files just for 6 or 7 characters. The character Joshua price was very hard to cast as I myself had 3 different people I thought could do it but Lew felt very strong Pete Lutz was the only one who would do this. I am glad this decision was made as the character is so wonderfully played and in my opinions Pete Lutz finest performance I have ever heard so much character development in just a few episodes is amazing. I myself would of liked to have had more of the supporting cast such as Karim have a more prominent role but I wasn’t going to tamper with the writing. It was also good fun to have the sound effects created by good friend Katharine Seaton who also did a begind the scenes feature about how she created some of the sound effects. There were several points in production were I was unsure of certain story accents and Lewis was keen not tell me to much and after a while I understood these things. It is not a show you can listen to casually you have to engage your brain to listen which I think is great as that’s what art should do make you question and make you think. Some of the music I scored for All’s Fair was done while I was ill and yet people seem to have really enjoyed. It was nice to see that after 6 months of the show finishing I came across a 35 minute review of the show and they gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is truly wonderful and was great boost to the state of our mental health mine and Lewis’s that people really enjoyed the show.

All’s Fair

also here is that lovely review Review


I have been friends with Pacific Obadiah (Midnight Disease) for quite a while at that point and we had spoke a while before about me doing music for one of his shows and now was the time. He pitched the story to that it involved people with mental health conditions and that it was of the horror genre. He didn’t really need to say much more. The Show was written by Vin Ernt who I think is a wonderful writer and I could relate to a lot of the content which was written as I myself have a number of mental conditions and so do a few close people to me. Over the 12 episodes we experience moments of terror, sadness and loss. I feel that the aspect of the lead character sometimes not knowing if a horror experience was real or as a result of their condition quite frightening and I thought this would have an affect on some people. Someone close to me had hallucinations and found listening to this a little uncomfortable. I spoke with Pacific about the music for the show and he was quite flexible with me that I should experiment with what I thought suited. I used a combination of sound design type sounds, synths and also organic instruments from the strings and woodwind sections. For fans of the show stay tuned for next year as it may be returning.



Minefire is a show by Paul Miscavage, for this show Paul wanted people to send him tracks rather then the composer place them in themselves. Paul really had good ideas about what he wanted his show to sounds like and I ended up composing about 5 or 6 tracks for his show. There are only 2 episodes so far but do check out the link as there are more on the way.


Shows I just did the theme music for.

  • The Allosauriad

    This is a dinosaur related show created by Robert F Mason so I composed an orchestral theme for his show. I composed the music relatively quickly and didn’t even need to make a single change to it

  • The Astral Queen

    This is a one off sci-fi adventure type story which is written by friendly chap called Paul Spencer. I hadn’t heard of Paul before this and hope to hear more of his stories. This project came about because of Sarah Goulding asked for a theme tune. She described the show and sent the script etc I found that I already had a piece of music that I thought was quite suiting for this show the only thing I changed was I added in some synth parts to the track. It’s a nice one off fun story with the lead played by Sarah who always sounds like she’s having fun in every role she plays.

    Astral Queen

  • The Cardinal Sins Saga

    The theme music for this show was a nice opportunity for me to do a rock based track for those that don’t know a lot of the studying I did on my diploma and degree had lots rock and pop based projects and performances. I wrote the piece but found that lead virtual guitar instrument I compsoed on to be quite lacking so I decided to record the lead guitar part myself. After developing a spine condition around the end of 2016 it’s been very hard to play guitar for long periods or even at all but it was nice to play the guitar parts on one of my guitars and really added to the performance and feel of the track.

    The Cardinal Sins Saga

How to Listen to Music in the 22nd Century

This project was a very interesting opportunity as I was asked to lend my Essex accent to a project. How weird I thought who the hell wants to use my voice for a project are they mad? I don’t think Nathan is mad really (Wink Wink). He sent me a script of well me playing me and I would be talking to someone on the phone who wants to use me basically. I thought this was quite amusing and even added and rewrote some of the lines. You can even hear a few guitar parts I recorded for Nathan in this episode to.


Voices of the Abyss

I can’t say to much about this show as we only have 1 story out so far but it’s by Midnight Disease. I was very happy to be working again with the ever so kind Pacific and we started scheming world domi…. I mean what the music would sound like for this show several months prior to the first episode coming out. The best way to explain it is it as anthology series each story set in a different place and time. The music for this will vary from synth type scoring to full orchestral sounding pieces.

Voices of the Abyss

Small Town Horror Season 4

It’s very weird to think that I have worked on this show for nearly 3 years now. I won’t say anything about the plot but I think what Jon has done is very interesting for the last season even though some fans may not like it I know some will also love it. For the music for this season I have composed a load of new tracks but also revisited some old ones and changed the sound of these tracks and added and taken away stuff from them. It may feel like a different shows but some of the riffs and phrases I used on old pieces will be there in some form even if you don’t recognise them at first. Over the years we have had 3 Editors the lovely Daniel Burneet the wonderful Zacharcy Fortaias-Gomm and now the all might Steve Blizin.

No link for this season as of yet but you can listen to all the previous seasons here Small Town Horror

Doctor Who Servants of Eve

I don’t like doing editing often for other people it can be very difficult if you don’t enjoy the content but this had a very good story I thought and the voice acting of the lead actor was great so was happy to do it.

This is a fan made audio drama and it focuses around the 2nd Doctor obviously the real Patrick Troughon wasn’t available as he passed away in the 1980s (sad face) actually maybe (crying face) but the actor for this production does a wonderful impersonation of him. Out of habit even though I wasn’t asked for music I ended up doing music anyway luckily Andrew the person In charge enjoyed the music. I will be working on some more of these so keep your eyes pealed.

Doctor Who Servants of Eve


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